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What is the role of nitrogen in automobile tires

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Nitrogen drying is inert gas. It is not easy to be affected by temperature and pressure changes. Nitrogen has low permeability in tires, which can keep tire pressure stable for a long time, reduce tire burst probability and increase the safety of vehicle driving.

Ordinary compressed air contains moisture, oil and other impurities. After oxidation, it accelerates the aging of the tire and the corrosion of the steel ring. Using nitrogen to fill the tire can prolong the life of the tire and steel ring, which reduces the production of the tire and protects the environment. Nitrogen keeps tire pressure stable, reduces vehicle resistance, reduces fuel consumption, reduces tire wear and saves costs. And running on uneven pavement can reduce vibration, reduce tire noise and make driving a pleasure. The high purity of nitrogen is added to the tire.

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