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What is the meaning of the triangular mark on the solid tire?

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Solid tire shoulder along the circumference of five equal a stamp "delta" logo is a solid tyre wear warning signs. When the pattern of solid tire is worn to the bottom of the groove 1.6mm, the groove of this part begins to break, and a clear crack appears. It is a reminder that the driver must change the solid tire. The solid tire wear indicator is not only the guarantee of the safe driving of solid tires, but also the basis for the normal wear of the procuratorial solid tires. When the solid tire has abnormal wear, it can be clearly displayed from the solid tire wear indicator.

According to the national standard of China, the wear limit of meridional solid tire for cars is 1.6mm, and the wear limit of meridional solid tire for freight cars and buses is 2.0mm.

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