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Most Comfortable Tires For Suv

Most Comfortable Tires For Suv

NAMA provide Mud terrain Tire. Our MT providing the bite and stability you need for varying off road applications, along with the popular styling you desire. While you may sacrifice some of the quietness of other truck tires, mud terrain tires provide you the confidence to face the off road conditions you will encounter, and are suitable for your daily driving needs. We offer a wide selection of MT tires with price points to suit any budget and fast shipping.

Product Details

1 Product Introduction

"Silent tread" design

With advanced tread and body design, the tyre provides you with a comfortable and quiet driving experience during the service life.

Strongly designed

The high density sipe design increases the occlusal edge of the tread and improves wetland braking and handling.

Precise manipulation of the carcass design

The double cross-layer structure and the reinforced anti-cladding of the lateral wall enhance the torsion stiffness and provide a precise and sensitive treatment.

Reduce fuel consumption

The high density silicone formula can reduce the friction between the internal molecules, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


2 Specification















3 Quality control and design

comfortable 描述图

4 Why Choose Us

We use high grade recycled rubber -- to increase rubber viscosity to make rubber soft and smooth, inprove cold and aging resistance for tyre.

Natural rubber from Thailand-- makes the tyre have good heat resistance, wear resistance, cut and puncture resistance, and good load.

Bekaert Steel Cord -- good sttel cord can reinforce and strenghthen the tyre, reduce rubber consumption, reduce rolling resistance,prolong tyre life.


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