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Drift Tire

Drift Tire

Low Failure Solution Transport Efficiency Solution All-weather Grip Solution Travel Comfort Solution

Product Details

Low Failure Solution

Specially designed bead curve can effectively protect against overwear and avoid early damage.


Transport Efficiency Solution

Oriented massive pattern block to provide excellent handling and driving stability even during fast turning.


All-weather Grip Solution

Optimized pattern block shape to improve grip significantly on both dry and wet roads , and ensure driving safety.


Travel Comfort Solution

Enable special production line of the most advanced equipment to ensure ride comfort.

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1. Q: What's about your production capacity?
A: We produce 1,500,000 units TBR and 15,000,000 units PCR every year.   
2. Q: How about your delivery time?
A: Usually the delivery time is15-20 days, and 7 days for main popular sizes.
3. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The MOQ is 40HQ; for new customer, 20GP is ok. Less quantity is also ok but the price & freight is higher.
4. Q: Can I mix several sizes in one container?
A: Yes, you can mix several sizes and patterns in one container.
5. Do you have tyre warranty? 
A: Yes, we have tyre warranty, you can ask our sales for details.
6. Q: Do you have stock?
A: Yes, we have reasonable stock to make sure the delivery is fast. And the stock is only produced in last 2-3 months.

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drift tire, Chinese, manufacturers, wholesale, best, cheap, price, for sale

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